Faisal Hassan MPP, York South–Weston

Government of Ontario

Support Work Integrated Learning

This petition is in support of my Private Member's Bill (PMB) - although the PMB passed on February 28th, signing it will keep the pressure on the government to honor their commitment.

Invest in Work-Integrated Learning


Whereas Ontario’s youth unemployment rate is consistently higher than the national average

Whereas It is increasingly common for even entry-level positions to require relevant work experience

Whereas Work-integrated learning serves to develop the practical skills and professional networks that young people need to transition into the workforce

Therefore, we the undersigned petition the Legislative Assembly of Ontario as follows: That the Government of Ontario should create 27,000 new, paid work opportunities for students, recent graduates and unemployed youth in the public and private sector and the skilled trades so they can move into the workforce with real world experience and a path to full-time employment

Will you sign?