Faisal Hassan MPP, York South–Weston

Government of Ontario

Stop Cuts to Full Day Kindergarten

My staff have informed me that our office has had hundreds of e-mails about this critical issue.  Parents and care givers in York South-Weston are already overwhelmed with cost of quality child-care; cuts to full day kindergarten and eliminating the cap on class sizes is detrimental to our children and their future.


WHEREAS Kids deserve the best start in life and full day kindergarten has helped improve social, emotional and cognitive development since its implementation;

WHEREAS Doug Ford's proposed lifting of the class size cap for kindergarten would mean even more crowded classrooms, less one-on-one time with teachers, and less support for our youngest learners;

WHEREAS The Ford government has refused to commit to full day kindergarten continuing past 2019;

WHEREAS Eliminating full day kindergarten would negatively impact kids while causing chaos for parents;

WHEREAS Evidence is clear that smaller class sizes mean big benefits for Ontario's students; and

WE THE UNDERSIGNED petition the Legislative Assembly of Ontario to call on the Ford government to take full-day kindergarten off the chopping block, oppose any plan to increase class sizes, and instead listen to families and education workers by making things better for kids, not worse.


Will you sign?