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About the Riding:

The provincial electoral district was created in 1999 when provincial ridings were defined to have the same borders as federal ridings. Prior to that redistribution, the area included York South and parts of what are now Parkdale-High Park, Davenport, and Eglinton-Lawrence. They became law after Bill 214 (2005), otherwise known as the "Representations Act, 2005",was passed in the Ontario Legislature.The October 10, 2007 provincial election was conducted using the new boundaries, with only minor changes to the boundaries in the south-east corner of the riding, along the border with the Davenport riding.

It consists of the part of the City of Toronto bounded by a line drawn from Humber River east along Highway 401, south along the Canadian National Railway situated west of Caledonia Road, west along Rogers Road, southeast along Old Weston Road, west along Lavender Road, south along Keele Street, southeast along the Canadian National/Canadian Pacific Railway, west along the Canadian Pacific Railway, and north along the Humber River to Highway 401.