Faisal Hassan MPP, York South–Weston

Government of Ontario

Fund Our Schools

Parents have reached out to my office, talked to me in shops and literally stopped me in my tracks to talk about their fears about funding for schools.  Conditions are deplorable, overcrowding rampant, and now basic programmes are being jeopardized.

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To the Legislative Assembly of Ontario,

Whereas too many children are going to school in buildings without proper heating or cooling, with leaky roofs or stairways overdue for repair.

Whereas after years of Conservative and Liberal governments neglecting schools, the backlog of needed repairs has reached $16 billion.

Whereas during the 2018 Election, numerous members of the Conservative Party, including the current Minister of Education, pledged to provide adequate, stable funding for Ontario’s schools.

Whereas less than three weeks into the legislative session, Doug Ford and the Conservative Government have already cut $100 million in much-needed school repairs, leaving our children and educators to suffer in classrooms that are unsafe and unhealthy.

We the undersigned petition the Legislative Assembly of Ontario to direct the Minister of Education to immediately reverse the decision to cut $100 million in school repair funding, and invest the $16 billion needed to tackle the repair backlog in Ontario’s schools.

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