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April 2022

Small Businesses Need More Support

Ford Government Moves for Early Adjournment

Government Fails to Address Local Flooding

Youth Need Employment, Not Exploitation

Postal Code Discrimination in Auto Insurance Must End.

Universal Mental Health Care Plan.

March 2022

Autism Funding Not Meeting Parent's Needs

Long Awaited Childcare Agreement Signed

A Story of Tenants in YSW

Home Care Issues Exposed

Ford's Rent Increases Letting Tenants Down

Let's Make Life More Affordable

Public Transit Funding Doesn't Add Up

Ontario's Home Care System is Broken

Ontario's Cost of Living Crisis

Febuary 2022

Reflections on Black History Month

Our London Family Act

Hydro Rates in Ontario 

Public Health Restrictions Lifting

Government Hoarding Funds for Hospitals and Schools

Building and Celebrating Black History

Ruling Reinforces Bargaining Rights

January 2022

Still Waiting for Child Care

Urgent: Ontario is in Crisis. We Need the Government to Act Now

School Return Grade? Incomplete.

Return to School Plan on Ice 

Nursing Crisis

Children and Parents Deserve Better

Recall the Legislature

December 2021

New Year, New Opportunities

Happy Holidays!

Ford's Holiday Letdown

Rapid Antigen Testing Locations

Housing Summit Postponed

Consumers Deserve Protection

Queen's Park Adjourned—But We're Not Done Yet.

It's Time for Affordable Childcare.

$20 Minimum Wage

November 2021

The Rent Stabilization Act

Paid Sick Days Just Make Sense

Winterfest Success!

We Need a New Deal for Seniors

The Crisis of Housing Affordability

Lest We Forget

Pricey PCR Travel Tests Require Intervention

It's Time for Action on Cannabis Retail

Take Action on Housing NOW.

October 2021

Upcoming Eye Care Town Hall

The Path Towards Recovery 

Aging Ontarians Deserve Better

Update on St. Bernard's Catholic School

Don't Neglect YSW 

Happy Thanksgiving << Test First Name >>!

Refocusing on Long Term Care

Throne Speech Letdown

September 2021 

National Day for Truth and Reconciliation

Time to Return to the Table

We Need $10 Childcare Now!

COVID Response Money Unspent

Back to School!

Eye Care Update

August 2021

New School Year Approaches

Fixing Cannabis Retail

Seniors Deserve the Best

Make Patient Care the Focus

Prioritize Mental Health

Time for an Ambitious Climate Change Plan 

Eye Care is Health Care

A Plan for Housing

COVID-19 Rapid Testing Announcement

July 2021

6 Weeks To Make Schools Safe

Children Belong in School

Last Mile Vaccine Strategy 

Driving Towards a Green Future

Climate Action = Jobs

Stage 3 Re-Open Update

Make Schools a Priority Now.

Act Now to Protect Seniors

A Canada Day for Reflection

June 2021

Help Businesses Re-Open Safely

Clean, Electric Trains Now

Cabinet Changes Signal Admission of Failure

Ford's Priorities Are NOT Your Priorities

Emergency Sitting of the Legislature

Ford vs. Our Charter of Rights and Freedoms

Thank You For Your Trust

215 Children Never Made it Home

May 2021

Mass Grave at Residential School in BC 

Re-open Businesses and Help Them Stay Open

Re-Opening Plan Announced

Let's Open Outdoor Amenities Safely

Some Heroes Wear Scrubs

Urgent Action Needed on Long Term Care

Emergency Community Meeting on Vaccinations Tonight

No Plan to Protect Seniors according to LTC Commission

April 2021

Latest on Vaccines

Vaccination Rollout Update

Action Needed on Paid Sick Days and Vaccines

Government Ignores Experts on COVID-19 Again

Government Falling Short on Vaccine Roll-out

Government Creates COVID-19 Confusion

State of Emergency

Faith and Family

Government Institutes Lockdown

March 2021

Concerns for Hospitals and Schools

Third wave of COVID-19

Working to Vaccinate Seniors

Local Focus for Vaccinations

Renovictions are Displacing Families

Vaccine Rollout

Stockyards in the News

February 2021

Slaughterhouse in Stockyards District

Housing as a Human Right Act

Priorities we can focus on

Happy Family Day!

The Legislature Returns

Lockdown Extended

In-Class Learning is Returning

Happy Black History Month!

January 2021

It's Time to Care for Seniors

Mental Health Week

Government exposed on back-to-school plan

Paid sick days make sense

COVID-19 requires clarity

There was no "iron ring"

We are approaching a critical point

It's time to get back to work

December 2020

Holiday Greetings!

COVID-19 Update

COVID-19 Update

The Pandemic of Evictions

The work isn't finished

Government Rebuked On The Environment

Not all disabilities are visible.

November 2020

COVID-19 in our classrooms

Independent review has revealed the truth

It didn't have to be this way

Community Investment Needed Now

Transparency in Public Health

Troublesome News on COVID-19

Homes You Can Afford

Budget Day Letdown

The response leaves much to be desired

October 2020

It is Time to Care

An important vote on long term care

The media is starting to pay attention

Testing issues continue

They've turned testing into a debacle

Happy World Teachers' Day! 

Our community deserves to feel safe

September 2020

It's going to take a collective effort

We need a plan for the second wave

How would you have voted on class sizes?

Results on COVID-19 Testing for York South—Weston

It's a worrying trend

Important Update on Local COVID-19 Testing

We're having an important discussion tonight

August 2020

This is why local testing matters

Parents and Educators expected better 

Let's keep our eye on the ball.

We should all feel safe in our homes

Small businesses still need us

September is just around the corner.

We can't forget about childcare

Community Update: Personal Support Workers need our Support

July 2020

Details on School Re-opening in September

Community Update: Funding for Municipalities

Community Update: COVID-19 isn't our only affliction

Stage 3 re-open requires caution

Pop-up testing and a discussion on flooding

Community Update: Flooding in York South—Weston

COVID-19 Update - Supporting Children and Parents

Happy Canada Day!

June 2020

COVID-19 Update - Celebrating Students

COVID-19 Update - Schools and Stage-2 re-opening

COVID-19 Update - CERB and Stage-2 re-opening

COVID-19 Update - CERB and Stage-2 re-opening

COVID-19 Update - Challenges with re-opening child care centres

COVID-19 Update - Stage 2 Re-open

COVID-19 Update - Leonard's Story

COVID-19 Update - Hyrdro rates increasing for June

May 2020

COVID-19 Update - Armed Forces Report and Testing

COVID-19 Update - Testing falls short... Again.

COVID-19 Update - Re-opening Safely with Testing and Tracing

COVID-19 Update - Schools Cancellations and Public Inquiry

COVID-19 Update - Telephone Town Hall Recap

COVID-19 Update - Support for Seniors

COVID-19 Update - Happy National Nursing Week!

COVID-19 Update - Economic Update

COVID-19 Update - More Businesses Re-Opening

COVID-19 Update - 100 Days

COVID-19 Update - Re-opening, Testing, and Celebrating Workers

April 2020 

COVID-19 Update - Worker Safety

COVID-19 - Schools, and plans to re-open.

COVID-19 - Small Business Update

COVID-19 - Earth Day Update

COVID-19 - Your hard work is paying off

COVID-19 - Weekend Update

COVID-19 - Updated CERB and Community Resources

COVID-19 - The Latest

COVID-19 Weekend Bulletin

COVID-19 Update

COVID-19 Bulletin

The latest on COVID-19

Community Update for April