Faisal Hassan MPP, York South–Weston

Government of Ontario

Demand Emergency Help for First Nations Communities

Ontario’s First Nations do not have the medical supplies and basic resources required to fight the COVID-19 outbreak. Add your name to demand emergency help now.

First Nations in Ontario are facing severe challenges in the fight against COVID-19, including: overcrowding in substandard homes, living under multiple boil water advisories, having a health care system with a chronic shortage of nurses and doctors in clinics, having a population with many trauma, health and mental health vulnerabilities, and are not receiving enough personal protective equipment (PPE) from provincial and federal health authorities to properly protect community members from COVID-19.

It’s a matter of life and death. Add your name to demand emergency help for these communities.

Eabametoong First Nation is the first fly-in First Nation in Ontario to have a member test positive for COVID-19. They have asked for the following to protect their community:

· A temporary medical isolation tent with the capacity to hold up to 8 patients safely. This tent should be heated, have electricity, and have floorboards, and should be equipped with cots, dividers and linens. The facility and military staff should be self sustainable for up a month.

· Testing kits for COVID-19 and qualified personnel to administer them, and training for community staff to begin testing and contact tracing work within the community.

· Finally, personal protective equipment and supplies for health care staff and local public health workers are needed.

First Nations with similar needs may require these facilities as well. We are demanding Emergency Assistance from provincial and federal health authorities to properly protect First Nations people from COVID-19.

Will you sign?