Faisal Hassan MPP, York South–Weston

Government of Ontario

Auto Insurance Rates

The people in our riding are being hit hard by high auto insurance rates simply because of their postal codes. We pay higher premiums because of where we live. This is unfair. It is time to end community discrimination.

For many of us in York South-Weston, owning a car is a necessity.

The only way to get to work is to drive, because the jobs are outside the community and long commutes is time spent away from family. For those facing a two hour commute by bus, driving to work is the only way they will have enough time to see their children off to school in the morning and tuck them into bed at night.

Owning a car is extremely expensive for us, and it is becoming more expensive every year.

Postal code discrimination means that people who made all the right choices – who bought safe cars and maintained good driving records – are being punished by insurance companies because of where they live.

It means that working families in our neighbourhood don’t have the same opportunity to send their children to extra-curricular activities or save for retirement as others across the province, because they are spending that money on auto insurance.

The real reasons for the discrimination remains unclear. We are not told on what basis certain neighbourhoods are targeted for higher premiums - what data is being used to support these higher costs or what evidence could justify the claim that a responsible driver in a safe car is a higher risk simply because of their address?

Is the cost of car insurance based on data, or is it based on prejudice?

In my office, we did an experiment. We made up a profile for a 30 year old woman who drives a Honda with a spotless record. Using the same quote generator, we sought the lowest premiums for that driver, changing only the postal code. In Ottawa? Her lowest quote was just over 1,200 dollars per year. When using my own office’s postal code her lowest quote would be 3,259 dollars per year, simply because she lives in York South-Weston.

We need to end the practice of auto insurance postal code discrimination; please sign the petition. Together we can put an end to auto insurance postal code discrimination.  


STOP Auto Insurance Gouging


Whereas some neighbourhoods across the GTA have been unfairly targeted by discriminatory practices in the insurance industry;

Whereas people in these neighbourhoods are penalized with crushing auto insurance rates because of their postal code;

Whereas the failure to improve government oversight of the auto insurance industry has left everyday families feeling the squeeze and yearning for relief;

We the undersigned petition the Legislative Assembly of Ontario to:

ban the practice of postal code discrimination in the GTA when it comes
to auto insurance premiums.

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